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#FacesofBIDPlymouth – Tenny Thomas

Born to a family of doctors, Dr. Tenny Thomas, Chief Medical Officer at BID-Plymouth, was practically destined to enter the field of medicine. “It was a natural fit,” he said. “It was what I heard a lot about around the dinner table.” Dr. Thomas attended undergraduate and medical school in Oman, a coastal country in the Middle East, before moving to the United States to complete his residency.

As he progressed in his medical training, he was particularly drawn to the field of emergency medicine. “I’m not going to use the ‘box of chocolates’ analogy,” he said, “but I liked going into a shift and not knowing what I was going to get.” As his career progressed and he took on more administrative roles, he maintained that preference for “box of chocolates” jobs and found just what he was looking for at BID-Plymouth.

As the Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thomas’s main priority is to ensure that patients are receiving the highest quality care possible. Some days that means he’s talking strategy with other members of the Hospital’s senior leadership team; other days he might be meeting with department heads to collaborate on new solutions. To maintain a connection to the patients that drew him to the field of medicine in the first place, he even does a weekly rotation in the Emergency Department.

He was inspired to join the BID-Plymouth team because of the culture of care in the organization, and he’s proud to be able to contribute to that now. He says the best part of his work is interacting with different stakeholders from all over the Hospital, from patients to front-line caregivers to team leaders. “It’s something different every day,” he says.

So what does Dr. Thomas do when he’s not saving lives or helping to run a 170-bed community hospital? In the summers you’ll find him conditioning for triathlon competitions, while winter has him duking it out on the squash court. Whatever the season, this avid music lover probably also has a concert ticket in-hand and a record playing in the background.

BID-Plymouth is lucky to have such a remarkable physician, leader, squash player, and triathlete representing the #FacesofBIDPlymouth.