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“They weren’t sure if she was going to make it”

Ten years ago, Makayla Silva listened from a hospital bed as doctors explained that her chances of survival were slim.

The fourteen-year-old had been getting ready to start her first year of high school when she started to feel pains in her stomach. Her pediatrician told her it was a simple virus, but after four days the pain had become so great that she could barely walk.

Desperate to relieve her daughter’s suffering, Makayla’s mother brought her to the Emergency Department at BID-Plymouth (formerly Jordan Hospital). It was there that Dr. Scott James discovered that Makayla’s inflamed appendix had ruptured, spilling toxins into her body. Dr. James rushed her to surgery where he spent four hours removing the diseased organ and flushing the deadly infection from her body.

Twenty-five days and seven additional surgeries later, Makayla was finally released from the hospital. Two months later, she started her first day of high school.

Every year on August 27, Makayla celebrates the day of the surgery that saved her life. This year, marking ten years since that life-changing moment, Makayla sought out her former doctor to thank him in-person, surprising him at his BID-Plymouth office.

After an exchange of tearful hugs, Makayla gifted Dr. James a figurine of a little girl presenting her doll to her kindly family doctor for a “check-up”. She hopes the figurine will serve as a reminder of the lives he impacts every day.

Without the quick action and expertise of Dr. James, Makayla is sure she would not be alive today. “This experience has made me who I am, and has taught me to appreciate all the little things in life. I’m so thankful.”