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Loss and Gratitude

“I wanted to send my appreciation to the Cranberry Hospice staff for their support of my beautiful mother, Lee J. Anderson, who passed away this January, and my phenomenal best friend of 40 years, Carrie Torrance, who passed just seven days later. It was overwhelming to see their respective diseases strangely and tragically align for the last 24 months with their deaths also oddly coinciding just days apart. Both began service with Cranberry Hospice in December, and the Hospice team’s support of Lee and Carrie was crucial during their end-of-life battles. The caring people at Cranberry Hospice spent quite a bit of time with both my mother and Carrie, and I am greatly comforted that neither were alone when they passed.

My gift in memory of Lee and Carrie was made to support the work of the Hospice team who have supported me, my family, and Carrie’s family during this unbelievably difficult time.”