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#FacesofBIDPlymouth – Kerry Bennett

When asked to describe what she does for a living, Dr. Kerry Bennett simply replied: “I’m a healer.”

Dr. Bennett is a third generation surgeon who works at BID-Plymouth’s nationally accredited Breast Center providing world-class breast care to both women and men. She believes she was made for this field, as the job satisfies her need to be challenged technically and intellectually, while providing emotional fulfillment. “I don’t meet the mold of a classic surgeon,” she said, “but this is what I was born to do.”

You may be surprised to know that Dr. Bennett got her start as a colorectal and laparoscopic specialist (“I still love bowel and liver!” she said). As part of her weekly rotation early in her career, she was sent to work in her hospital’s breast center, and the pieces just fell into place. She has since worked and taught for multiple Massachusetts institutions, joining the team at BID-Plymouth two years ago. “I’m in the right place at BID-Plymouth,” said Dr. Bennett. “I’m in my own community.”

Dr. Bennett described her method of care as “wholistic” healing, treating the whole person and taking into account their emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, in addition to their physical health. Along with surgical and traditional medicine, she is a proponent of other therapies such as touch, energy healing, and music. “I help people find the right choices for them,” she said.

Indeed, Dr. Bennett’s patients are at the center of everything she does, and it is abundantly clear that she is extraordinarily passionate about her job. “I feel that humbling yet joyous responsibility to show up for my patients,” she said. “I know that I’m not just treating the patient in front of me; I’m also affecting all the people in their lives.”

When asked to share her most significant piece of advice regarding breast health, Dr. Bennett said, “It’s the fear that creates the problem. If we can eliminate fear from breast disease, then we can handle anything.” On a mission to do just that, Dr. Bennett helps her own patients to ease their fears by empowering them with knowledge. She even authored a book entitled The Little Pink Book that captures her daily teachings for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of breast disease. She offers this tool to her patients so they have the information they need to understand their diagnosis and make the best care decisions for themselves. “There’s so much misinformation around breast disease and breast cancer,” says Dr. Bennett. “The truth is, it’s highly survivable.”


Besides her extensive surgical background, Dr. Bennett is also a lactation specialist, a specialist in the genetics of cancer, a therapist, a physician coach, a yoga instructor, and a mother of two.

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