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A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is a separate charitable giving account where individual donors work with a sponsoring organization to manage their philanthropy. A donor may establish and maintain a DAF with contributions of cash, securities, or other assets and receive an immediate tax deduction. These funds are then invested for tax-free growth and provide the donor with ease and privacy, if so desired, when recommending a grant to Beth Israel Deaconess Plymouth (BID Plymouth).

Why Support BID Plymouth through a DAF?

  • Ease: Gifts of any amount can be distributed to BID Plymouth at any time while your sponsoring organization handles all administrative tasks related to the grant process.
  • Tax Benefits: Donors who establish a DAF receive an immediate tax deduction for their contribution.
  • Privacy: Donors who prefer privacy may choose to remain anonymous.
  • Legacy Planning: Did you know that you can bequeath your DAF to BID Plymouth? Please contact your fund administrator for the paperwork required to name BID Plymouth as a charitable beneficiary.

To learn more about supporting BID Plymouth through a DAF,
please contact Edith Millard, Director of Major Gifts and Special Campaigns, at 508-830-2095 or