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Since 2017, Derek Trube, Executive Chef, has been serving up delicious meals to both staff and patients at BID-Plymouth. “I appreciate that when I make a great meal, it can bring a little joy to a patient’s hospital stay, and that I’m making a positive difference in their life,” he says.

Derek showed an interest in cooking at a young age and would stand with his mother over the stove while she prepared meals. After completing a culinary apprenticeship and working under a handful of master chefs, Derek took on positions at several corporate organizations before coming to BID-Plymouth. Though he has many years of culinary training under his belt, this is his first time working in a healthcare setting. He says, “I love the fact that I can now make an impact on someone’s life through food.

As a resident of Plymouth, Derek’s connection to the Hospital and the people it serves is further strengthened. Many of the people he cooks for are not just co-workers and patients, but also neighbors and friends. When asked what his favorite thing is about working at BID-Plymouth, he replied, “I love the people – the staff, the patients, the families. It really is a friendly, community hospital.”

So what’s Chef Derek’s favorite food? “Tough question! Being a chef, I love it all, although I would probably have to say I am a big fan of a good grilled steak.”